Snake Keeper (The Federation's Keepers 1)

Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

First a deadly virus, now spaceships descending upon the Earth. What's next, getting abducted by a red-eyed alien snake monster?

The Federation came to invite humanity into the fold. The last thing I want to worry about is alien "Keepers" or the humans they want to bring back to their worlds for an "evaluation period". I want to keep my head down, study, and live my normal life in peace.

Xioumar, the Keeper put forward by the serpentine species of Xiorn, has plenty of willing human volunteers to go with him. I saw the one they assigned him, fawning over the towering, statuesque alien like a lovesick puppy.

So why does it have to be me?

He moves like a viper ready to strike, and his touch sends a very unsettling jolt of electric heat down my spine. Are they all like that, or is it just him?

Ripped from my home against my will and taken hundreds of thousands of light-years away, I am trapped. And now I have to learn to live with this monster.

But I'm not worried. I have a plan.

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