Exiled Keeper (The Federation's Keepers 2)

Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

When I said I wanted an adventure, being dragged to a prison planet by a golden, blue-eyed alien hitman was not what I had in mind.

My alien Keeper has killer abs, but it turns out he’s also a killer, period.

All I wanted when I volunteered to live with aliens for five years was to prove to everyone that I wasn’t safe, boring little Anette.

But then my seemingly perfect hunk of a Keeper turns me into an accomplice to murder and gets us both in huge trouble with Federation law. This is way more excitement than I bargained for.

He’s a murderous, infuriating, solar powered brute of a creature. Light courses through his veins and death comes at his hands. But he promises to protect me, and to get me home.

Can I keep it together and find the courage I need to make it through this? And can I prevent my unwanted attraction to the exiled alien killer from clouding my judgment before it’s too late?

Or will I need to let him suck me into his twisted world and let go of my own humanity to make it out alive? 

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