Unwrapping the Alien (Christmas Anthology)

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Unwrapping the Alien is a stellar collection of Christmas sci-fi romance stories from all your favourite authors.

Steamy and sweet, spicy and hot with all the alien action you'll ever need. Hearts are made to sparkle again, aliens get naughty (or nice) with their mates, relationships from beyond the stars are perfectly wrapped and finished with a bow.

So curl up, get cosy and get ready to unwrap your very own alien for Christmas!

Participating Authors:

Krista Luna
Holly Hanzo
Godiva Glenn
Hattie Jacks
Chloe Parker
Tandy Lyons
Alexandra Norton
Latrexa Nova
Remy Cavilich
Melody Beckett
Jinx Layne
Eden Ember
Deysi O' Donal

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