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I am now sending out review copies of Colossal: Dark Romance in Deep Space.


How it works

You, a connoisseur of dark sci-fi romance, get a copy of the ebook sent to your email. Within 14 days, you read the book and post a review on your platform(s) of choice (Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, or Google Play). Any additional mentions on social media like TikTok are greatly appreciated, but not expected.

When done, you just send me a link or screenshot to your review(s).

About Colossal

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The predatory alien blood in Orion Halen’s veins makes him dangerous. Volatile. Addictive. But desire burns brightest in the depths of darkness... And the fall can feel so good.

Kaia never imagined her lifelong mission would lead to this: a sacrificial lamb on a colony ship, chosen to bear an heir for the ship’s ruthless soon-to-be commander. To Orion Halen, she’s a means to an end—a piece to play in his twisted game. Yet Kaia is no ordinary pawn.

Even as their machinations intertwine and secrets grow deep, an insatiable attraction takes root. A dance of power and seduction blurs the lines between pleasure and pain. There’s a cruel lure in Orion's glacial eyes. A mere touch threatens to expose a hunger Kaia can’t afford to let herself indulge, because she’s hunting for something far more precious than her own survival. But desire burns brightest in the depths of darkness... And it's so tempting to give in.

Colossal: Dark Romance in Deep Space is a steamy science fiction romance novel where morally gray protagonists navigate treacherous desires in a slow burn that satisfies the senses and leaves the reader aching for more.
Content warnings Explicit violence, knife-play, dubcon, sexual violence, discussion of addiction, death (including sibling death).
Ending type HFN for the relationship, cliffhanger for the overarching plot line.

But what if I don't like the book?

I appreciate honest feedback. Negative reviews with thoughtful criticism can be very valuable for potential readers deciding whether a book is right for them. If you don't finish the book and/or are more comfortable sending me negative feedback privately, that works as well. 

What if something comes up and I can't review in 14 days?

Life happens! If something comes up and you can't read the book and review it within 14 days, I totally understand. Please just send me an email to let me know - otherwise I might think you're just not interested in having me reach out with future review copies (which of course is also totally fine).