ARC Team


How it works

You, a connoisseur of dark sci-fi romance, get a copy of the ebook sent to your email. Within 14 days, you read the book and post a review on your platform(s) of choice (Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, or Google Play). Any additional mentions on social media like TikTok are greatly appreciated, but not expected.

When done, you just send me a link or screenshot to your review(s).

But what if I don't like the book?

I appreciate honest feedback. Negative reviews with thoughtful criticism can be very valuable for potential readers deciding whether a book is right for them. If you don't finish the book and/or are more comfortable sending me negative feedback privately, that works as well. 

What if something comes up and I can't review in 14 days?

Life happens! If something comes up and you can't read the book and review it within 14 days, I totally understand. Please just send me an email to let me know - otherwise I might think you're just not interested in having me reach out with future review copies (which of course is also totally fine).